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FCSC Staged a come back but came up short 3-2 Final
Published Sep 16, 2018

Canoga Park, California-  The UPSL season opened this weekend with games throughout the country. FCSC first game was facing Sporting San Fernando at Vukierich Field Chaminade High School. 
On a very hot afternoon with the field temperature taken at 139 degrees FCSC fell short in a 3-2  final.
For the visitors, the game began unlucky when Sporting on the attack just 5 min. into the game when Sporting's Albert Chamagua shot from the left side of the net and on a deflection off defender Frank Cardenas cause the ball to take a turn and found it's way passed the unexpecting FCSC keeper Cunningham giving the home team a quick lead. 

FCSC with eight fo the Eleven on the pitch were in their first league game with the team and each other. But as they started to put it together they became organized and began to attack. Midfielder Sargon Barkawi received a pass from Gabriel Batista and took a shot on target but unfortunately, the target was Byan Hill the Sporting San Fernando keeper.  

It was the 35th minute of play when Sporting's Rodrigo Brito got behind the  FCSC defense and got a shot passed Cunnigham to put Sporting now up by two.  Just 4 minutes later it was FCSC's Nelson Peraza receiving a pass while pushing to the net on his birthday gave himself a gift with a goal passed Hill who had no chance to stop it and FCSC pulled within 1.  Sporting kept up the attack with 16 minutes in left in the half Sporting found a couple of opportunities that they took advantage of  from the outside but FCSC keeper Cunningham quickly extinguished and a couple that where clear breakaway's where Cunningham came out and sliding into the attacking players they were easily handled and put an end to any threat and ending the first 45 with a 2-1 scoreline. 

It was just the 46th minute when FCSC started the half attacking in midfield a foul was called and FCSC striker John Lopez took the free kick and that just missed the net. FCSC really started to step it up and looking more and more organized. The game went back and forth with several scoring opportunities from the visitors. Newly signed Adam Alryami Midfielder entered the game and working the ball with  Sargon Barkawi  Alryami receiving a pass from Barkawi, Alryami took a shot from 20 yards only to be denied by  Hill. In the 51st minute, another newly signed player for FCSC Defender Samuel Wadieh carried the ball from the defense toward the goal passed across from right to the left to Barkawi who feed to midfielder Gabriel Batista who shot for the left a beautiful shot that just missed the far post. 

Then it was the 60th minute of play when Sporting who on the attack made it within 6 yards of the net and in a may-lay in front of the goal Keeper Cunningham made a rare error and allow the third goal by Sporting.  
With the team down now by too, they responded with more on the attack. Head coach Oscar Moreno made a couple adjustments adding two other newly signed players, brothers Jose, and Mario Torres place Jose on the right outside spot moving Adam Alryami to the attacking striker spot in place of John Lopez. FCSC really started to click as they began to dominate the attack and the game with several attacks. When Sporting was on the attack they started to find the FCSC defense was getting to know each other and were finding it hard to penetrate the line of Miguel Palafox, another newly signed multiposition player that really show his ability in the back but is also a proven striker.  With Jovany Arriago in the back both are very aggressive defenders, and with that Arriago found himself receiving a second yellow caution card and then followed by a Red Card. 

After the Red Card FCSC found themselves working hard with one man short.  With Yassine Laraichi, Miguel Palafox, Samuel Wadieh and Pablo Nunez holding back several attempts by Sporting what did get through Cunningham thrilled his team with serval key saves.  

Then in the 84th minute, it was Adam Arriago at the center midfield about 22 yards from goal slapped a shot a very hard shot that found the back of the net and with 6minutes left pulling his new team within one.

The battle continued back and forth with one man down FCSC still kept up the attack and was very much in the game when the final whistle blew and FCSC just ran out of time. 

Next up FCSC travel to Heritage Christian High School on Saturday the 22nd to face the Kern County  Mustangs in a 2 PM kick off.  The Mustangs the Championship playoff champions last spring and promoted to the Pro-Premier Division this fall.  Should be another excellent game. 

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