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Published Jul 1, 2018

Santa Clarita, California- Soccer Saturday at The Masters University was billed as action-packed, exciting soccer, It lived up to every bit of that in a game that saw 8 goals the Storm overpowered PanAmerican FC 5-3.
As the Whistle blew the Storm moved in with several strikes, it was the 16th minute of play when on a break-away  Storms John Lopez was pulled down from behind by PanAmerican's Eick Barranco on the 19th-yard line and a foul was called on PanAmerican FC and a free kick for the Storm. Storms Captain Brett Croft took the re-start and he slammed the ball with force pass the keeper and started the scoring with a 1-0 lead for the home team.  
Just 7 minutes later in the 21st minute of play Croft with the ball on the right side of the net head to goal and then slipped a pass over to the left of the net catching John Lopez who placed a shot from the center of the 18 yard line and blasted it to the back of the net securing a two-goal lead. 
Seven minutes later it was Lopez again on the attack and placed a nice shot that landed in the net only to have it called back due to offsides. 
Pan American FC caught a counter attack in the 21st minute down the right side and placed a pass over to Allan Rodriguez who found his way all alone behind the Storm defense and quickly found is way pass Storm Keeper Cunningham to bring them within one. 
Both teams fighting and playing exciting soccer, PanAmerican FC a very fast team that was playing with passion and desire to and began to pick up the attack and had created several scoring opportunities. Storm Keeper Kyle Cunningham making several stellar saves as he usually does putting on a show of keeper skills between the pipes. Cunningham making 6 key saves in the next 10 minutes with save after save. Then in the 32nd minute Storm with the ball in midfield, Lopez worked his way to just outside the 18 and placed a perfect shot passed PanAmerican keeper and getting back the two-goal lead. 
Both teams going back and forth for the next 10 minutes then in the 42nd minute PanAmerican's Christian Mendoza again brought the visitors with 1 with a goal in the 42nd minute. PanAmerican wasn't ready to end the half yet as they continued to attack. In stoppage time as PanAmerican was on the attack and Storm defender Brian Kruse moves in to stop a shot accidentally received a handball in the box giving the visitors and last shot before the end of the first 45, and they made it count and in stoppage time brought themselves even at 3 apiece as the first 45 came to an end. 
The second 45 started off with the same exciting action with both teams 50/50 with both creating opportunities. 
In the 74th minute Storm's midfielder, Emmanuel Iniguez with the ball headed to goal and within the keeper box drawing the defenders to him then passed it over to striker Christian Esnal who directed it to the net and put the Storm up once again by one. ( 4-3) 
As the game continued in the 85th minute Captain Brett Croft sealed the deal when he received a pass from striker Christian Esnal and picked up his second goal on the day and securing the win with a two goal lead and 5 minutes remaining. (5-3)  

Next up for the Storm is the season's last game as the Storm will host the LA Galaxy OCPC in a 6 pm match on Sunday, July 8th at The Masters University